Lost Art Dalmatians

Mia, our first Dalmatian, came from Champion lines that include some very famous Dalmatians. Although she was not a show dog herself, Mia introduced us to the world of dog shows and performance events.

We like to think that Mia had the best of everything dogs dream about. She spent most of her days running free on a horse farm and her nights curled up at our side. She went on all family vacations and celebrated every holiday with us. In her later years, she did what most seniors wish they could do, we moved to Florida where the sun and warmth added years to her life.

Mia trained for Obedience, Agility, and Tracking Events. In Agility and Tracking it became apparent that relaxation, accuracy, and precision were much more important to her than speed, qualities that allowed her to shine as an Obedience and Therapy Dog. Training together for these sports we learned a lot from each other about team-work and trust.

Spending her years on a horse farm, Mia was intuitive and adept at being around horses. Ingrained within her were the horse-sense traits that make up the Dalmatian breed’s history. Mia would have been an awesome Road Trial Dog, if only we had horses with the temperaments to compete in such events. Mia was active in Therapy Dog work; she visited children's hospitals, stroke centers, and retirement homes.

Mia loved to swim and could scarcely be kept out of the water. She never missed a creek, stream, brook, pond, river, ocean, or puddle and we always joked that if anyone was venturing into the wilderness, they must bring Mia because she could find water anywhere.

Mia holds the following Performance Titles: AKC Obedience Novice (CD) and Canine Good Citizen (CGC). She was a certified Therapy Dog (TDI).

October 1992 - October 2007

We treasure those years together - Mia you are forever in our hearts.


Freestyle’s Amelia Bedelia CD CGC TDI

Lost Art Dalmatians

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